Our Top 5 websites

The websites that make this list every week are not only visually
inspiring but technically advanced and quite unique!

1. http://www.newgrounds.com/

Flash Portal filled with some of the most amazing flash animations submitted by people from the age of 14 to who knows how old.

2. Battle Net

One of the most visually inspiring gaming portals out there. Blizzard
designed the website as if it fits into their games. The backend is rich
in features and integrations within their gaming platforms.


Real-time Ascii Art conversion of Google Street View panorama’s done in WebGL

4. http://mountaindew.com/

Giving fans a more customized experience, the responsive design adapts
to multiple platforms, giving fans an optimal user experience on any

5. http://projectprometheus.com/trainingcenter/

Beautifully rendered in HTML 5, the Project Prometheus Training Center
challenges users with a series of physical and cognitive assessments to
see if they have what it takes to join the USCSS Prometheus crew.

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