Blackberry Z10

Is this RIM’s last finale or is it just in time ?

Blackberry Z10 is blackberry’s newest and most anticipated handset to be launched ever. With sales diminishing in Europe and America, Research In Motion’s (RIM) fate seemed to be sealed. With the iPhone 5 being a great disappointment and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 around the corner, (14th march 2013) the timing couldn’t be better for BlackBerry to win over smart phone enthusiasts around the world.


Specs iPhone 5 Blackberry Z10 Samsung Galaxy s3
Dimensions 123.8mm x 58.6mm x 7.6mm 130mm x 65.6mm x 9mm 136mm x 70mm x 8.6mm
Display Screen 4 Inch 4.2 Inch 4.8 inch
Weight 112 Grams 134 Grams 133 Grams
CPU Speed 1.2 GHz 1.5 GHZ 1.40 GHZ
RAM 1  GB 2 GB 1 GB
Resolution 1136 x 640 1280 x 768 720 x 1280
Front Camera 8 mp 8 mp 8mp
Rear Camera 1.2 mp 2 mp 1.9 mp
Battery talk-time Up to 8 Hours Up to 11 Hours Up to 22 Hours
App Store iStore BlackBerry World Google Play 
With a slick plastic exterior and a 4.2” touch display the Z10 has no striking  design features that separate it from the heard.  Weighing in at 136g the Z10 weighs more than the iPhone 5 (112g) and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (133g).
The pros:
The Z10 has the best out-of-the-box virtual keyboard and predictive typing system, that I have seen to date. The Hub gives you access to e-mail, text messages, BBM, calendar, media and social networks, all accessible by a single gesture. The Time Shift camera is a new feature that enables you to take a photo of a group of people which allows you to hone in on an individuals face and use their best smile.
The cons:
The application selection as on all Blackberrys will be limited (70000 at launch date). Blackberry 10 has no native cloud service like iCloud or Microsoft sky drive.
The verdict: 
Although the Z10 is a superior phone, I find it hard to believe that BlackBerry have done enough to migrate iPhone and Android extremists to convert. Do you ?

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