Aftermath of the Apple vs Samsung verdict

Apple has claimed victory over Samsung for $1 Billion dollars.

Feedback from the courtroom was that Apple had done their homework and gave a very convincing case on the grounds that Samsung have copied the iPhone and iPad designs (Software and Hardware).
Samsung’s countersuit involving their patents did not hold with the jury.

Samsung’s loss does not end there, shares have dropped 7.5 percent and Apple is targeting eight Samsung smartphones to be banned.

The smartphones in their sites are listed below:
Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T)

Samsung Galaxy S II (Skyrocket)

Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile)

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G

Samsung Galaxy S Showcase

Droid Charge by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Prevail



Apple may try and increase the ban-list but until than they are satisfied with the outcome.
Apple Shares increased by 2 percent on Monday.

Concerns that Google (Android) may be sucked into the argument are in the air, however Google ensure their shareholders that the internet giant is not next.
Shares took a 1.3 percent drop after the court case.


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